Game Of Thrones Monopoly Exists For You To Re-Write The Ending At Home

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And you thought Monopoly was competitive already.

If you didn’t like the Game of Thrones ending you can now take matters into your own hands. 

But rather than slaughter your opposing houses, you send ‘em bankrupt. 

That’ll teach them. 

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Amazon - who btw are selling to Australia again - is selling Game of Thrones Monopoly for those who wish to make mortal enemies of their friends and family.

The collector's edition promises to "transport fans into a world of intrigue, valour, and betrayal," which is fair enough - everyone’s cheated at Monopoly at some point so dirty play is almost expected. 

The game works like regular Monopoly, mostly. 

Players assume the role of a particular house, whether it’s the Starks, Iron Born, Lannisters, and so on, each with their own token sigil.

There’s also no bank notes, which is good news for anyone who spends all their time organising their paper money into colour-coordinated stacks. You can put your OCD away and focus on the game now ‘cause you’re only dealing with Silver Stags and Gold Dragons.

Squares are named after iconic locations in Game of Thrones, and there’s the awesome gimmick of chance cards sitting on a plastic Iron Throne that plays the show’s theme song. 

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If you need something to take your mind off the pain and heartache left by the Game of Thrones’ finale, treat this like a commiseration present; the game is now on sale at Amazon for $43.50.


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Written By Brynn Davies