G-String Hot Pants Are The Latest Fashion Trend No One Asked For

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Are they for the gym, the club or the bin? 

We’ve had a few months to get used to the bike-pants-as-actual-pants trend that’s been sweeping our social feeds. 

Sure, they look cute with a blazer or if you spend every waking moment doing squats, but even the models among us would struggle to pull off this new trend.

Some heathen has decided to remove the waist from bike pants and instead secure them with a visible G-string. See the monstrosity for yourself: 

disgusted not safe for work GIF

Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry recently copped backlash for committing this fashion crime  posting a snap to Instagram:

“What kinda outfit is this?” one fan questioned, while another just called the shorts “horrible”. 

Another user commented: “I'm confused with the.. My washing machine ate half of my gym clothes but I'm still gonna pose in my kitchen in heels look…”

Dunno about you, but these shorts are a hard pass for our summer wardrobe. 

the simpsons booty GIF


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