Footage of an abandoned Wonderland has been released as nightmare fuel

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RIP The Beastie.

It feels like forever but it's actually been 14-odd years since Sydney's Wonderland was a thing.

Yup! The theme park (billed colloquially as Movie World's povo cousin) closed in 2004 - to the dismay of everyone not currently living on the Goldie - with owners citing everything from the bird flu to September 11 for its closure.

Which is a damn shame 'cause Wonderland was Good Bloody Stuff and worth a trip when your cousins were in town or as a reward for being on your best behaviour -  Hanna-Barbera Land in particular really hit the spot.

While most of us have forgotten Wonderland - and were too young to ever really know its location/cost/adult pain point #3, so it kind of faded away - it seems a few people, including YouTube Channel Abandoned Oz, still have the site on their radar.

And honestly?

Nightmare fodder:

Image: Wikipedia Commons


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Written By Ally Parker