Fly To Europe For $309 And Yes, We're Serious

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Time to take a gap year. 

Scoot’s “Got To Go” sale isn’t just snappy slogan - it’s what you’re going to shout in your boss’ general direction as you race out of the office.

‘Cause you’re about to head on the European jaunt you’ve never been able to afford. 

Tickets to Europe will be sold on Scoot for around $300 and no, it’s not a typo - that’s all the zeros. 

The budget airline will be selling a bunch of uber-cheap flights from Australian cities to popular travel destinations around the world, from Hong Kong, Singapore and Phuket, for their 'Got To Go' sale this month. 

But the real winner here is a flight to Greece for under $330. 

Yep, you can fly to Athens from $309 out of Perth, from the Gold Coast for $319 and from Sydney or Melbourne for $329. 

Not a fan of Greece? That’s okay (*cough weirdo*) you can zip off to Berlin instead for an identical rate. 

Oh, and did we mention it’s about to be summer in Europe? 

You can check out the deals when they go on sale at 12pm on Monday, 20 May, but we suggest you start plotting your route tonight. 



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