A Festival Dedicated To Your Fave So 'So Fresh' Hits Is On Its Way

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Alexa, play Let's Get Loud by JLo. 

If our So Fresh CD collection could talk, they would say things like "SUMMER", "2 KEWL FOR SKL", and "I'm a saucy 13-year-old who has the bestest taste in music."

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So Fresh was the soundtrack to our entire childhood and, let's be real, is still the soundtrack to our adulthood. Nothing jams as good as The Veronica's followed by Simple Plan followed by Pink. 

While the days of the humble CD are long gone, So Fresh is still alive and well. So alive and well, in fact, that an entire festival has been crafted in honour of the OG CDs. 

So Freshtival is on Saturday, 23 November a week before summer kicks in - and will feature the hits of Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter from the choice years between 2000 and 2010. 

Plus all of the best bits from a teen birthday party: a jumping castle, free cheap chips, fairy floss, a ball pit, free face painting and a guest DJ doing a ‘Shrek DJ set' which sounds weird but we're 1000 per cent on board. 

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The festival is also to set the world record for the "most people singing The Veronicas' Untouched in one place", so come hungry for some sugary food and with warm vocal cords.

The So Freshtival is taking place at Welcome To Thornbury in MELBOURNE. But do we care? Nope. This is one festival you bet your hot pink CD player we're willing to travel for. 

You can grab tickets for the party on the So Freshtival event page.

Images: So Fresh, Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

Who knew? 

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