Feel better about your family this Chrissy by reading these horror family dinner stories

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"Grandma threatened to s**t in the turkey if we didn't let her watch Jeopardy."

Folks, we've done it. We've reached the end of yet another year and there's just one last hurdle left before we hit 2019: dealing with our extended family this holidays.

Sure there are presents and ample amounts of food for you to eat yourself into a coma, but you'll have to deal with things like putting up with annoying younger cousins, aunts wondering why you're still single, and grandparents questioning when their great-grandchild is coming.

Dealing with a family can be a challenge at times, which is why we thought we would put things into perspective by sharing with you all some of the craziest family holiday dinner experiences that some unlucky souls have had the misfortune to sit through (and saw fit to share on Reddit).

Hopefully this will put things into perspective and make you realise that your family perhaps isn't so bad after all!

Brace yourselves because this ride is going to get wild.

Not the turkey!

"Grandma threatened to s**t in the turkey if we didn't let her watch Jeopardy."

...Or just the turkey

"My Aunt decided to announce she got Chalmydia as we started to eat and my grandmother told her getting stuffed by random people is for turkeys. I laughed really hard."

Keep it in the family

"My husband's brother and his sister-in-law (who was married to his OTHER brother) always disappeared for about 20-40 minutes at the same time.

"This happened for four years in a row before anyone got nosey enough to go looking for them.

"Sister-in-law is now married to the Thanksgiving Hookup Brother."

There's always that one relative

"Aunt took all of the left over turkey, all of it."

And that one drama queen

"Faked a heart attack.

"It was very surreal. And her husband was so embarrassed."

Brotherly love. Sorta.

"My brothers got into a fight. My oldest brother slept with my younger brother's new wife, who was like 20 years younger than him.

"They got into a fist fight and broke through the wall of their dad's trailer. The police had to be called. Aaaand that's why I stopped going to family evening."

Why is it always the aunts?

"My aunt got drunk and then naked. She ran down the street stark naked after hitting on my cousins boyfriend. Her kids saw it all. They were all under the age of 12.

She then cried the whole next day because everyone was mad at her. I called CPS because she tried driving drunk with the kids."

Written By Alexander Pan

Order up.

And here we thought they were just annoying.

It’s time to get schnit faced​.