Drinking Water While Driving Can Cop You A Big Ol’ Fine And Demerit Points

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One unlucky hydrater was fined $173.

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body. Without water, we die; pretty simple. 

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But sippin’ away on H2O while behind the wheel could land you a big fine and demerit point deduction, as one unlucky motorist discovered. 

Brock Harris was driving home from a 12-hour shift on one of the hottest days of the year when he was pulled over. 

The police officer on-scene said Harris was not driving with due care and attention and fined him $173 as well as one demerit point.

“I was pulled over by the police and told it was illegal to drink anything while driving,”  he told the ABC.

“If it is against the law then I'll pay the fine, but it's not compassionate to fine someone on a 39-degree day for trying to stay hydrated.”

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While Brock attempted to reason with the police officer, they reportedly told him they were just doing their job. 

Queensland Police Superintendent David Johnson of Road Policing Command confirmed the law to the ABC, explaining that drinking water while driving can be illegal if the driver isn’t in control of the car.

"For us to issue a fine we have to look at the circumstances to see if the driver's actions are causing risks to themselves or others,” he said. 

Well, at least you’ll never need to pee mid-road trip again, right? 

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Written By Brynn Davies