This dog responds to Harry Potter commands and it's legit spellbinding

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This good boi is totally gonna ace his OWLs!

There was a recent scientific report that claimed dogs aren't as special or intelligent as you think and it was something we refused to accept on the basis it's too aspiration-shattering.

Well good news, folks, because there's a doggo out there who appears to be the exception to that study!

YouTuber Anna Brisbin is a massive Harry Potter fan, so much so that she decided to train her adorable little Dachshund - fittingly named Remus - to obey spells like "stupefy", "avada kedavra", and of course, "wingardium leviosa".

And the final result is just magical. Just check it out right here: 

The only thing better than seeing Remus chase after a tennis ball following Anna's "accio ball" command is his adorable little Hogwarts uniform.

As spellbinding as Remus obeying Harry Potter spells is, it's kind of made us slightly sad because Anna has raised the bar in regards to dog training and we're not sure if we can match it, let alone top it.

But our own feelings aside, we can definitively say that there's a good boi who is on track to ace his OWLs and NEWTs! 

Image Credit: Anna Brisbin/YouTube


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