Cotton On Personalising Adorbs Doggo Accessories To Rid You Of Your Money

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It's working though.

Just when you thought you'd nailed that whole Barefoot Investor/saving money shtick, along trots ol' Cotton On with a truckload of cute, personalised doggo stuff.

Like, rude.

Anyway, if we're going to get sucked into making our pets (and their mates) look fly with personalised accessories, so are you.

Without further ado, please feast your eyes on what you'll be spending your money on this month.

You're very welcome.

Personalised Pet Collar ($19.99).

Personalised Small Printed Pet Bed ($59.99), Personalised Pet Harness ($29.99),

Melamine Pet Bowl ($24.99).

So, not only is the above SUPER cute, but most of it's personable.

Personalisation is limited to ten characters and will be printed in uppercase. 

Don't worry about it feeling shouty though. It's really just that you love Fido THISSSS MUCH.

Check it out here.

Image: Cotton On

Written By Ally Parker