Cinnamon-Flavoured Coke Is a Thing And We’re Not Sure How We Feel

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Gimme gimme gimme. 

Cinnamon-flavoured Coca-Cola is apparently hitting the shelves very soon. 

Talk about spicing things up. 

For the upcoming holiday season, Coca-Cola is releasing the flavour in anticipation of the jolliest time of the year. According to the company, they launched the festive-flavour because of the world’s love of anything sweet and spice and everything nice. 

“The new addition to the Coca-Cola family is bursting full of warming flavours and is guaranteed to get you into the festive spirit as we head into the Christmas season," the press release revealed. 

Sad news for Aussies - the flavour will only be available in the US, with no confirmed plans to bring Cinnamon Coke to our shores just yet, but fingers crossed we’ll see the strange flavour come our way ASAP. 

Only time will tell.

Image: Instagram / @candyhunting


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Written By Izzy Cuyuca