The Childhood Memories You’ll Never Forget

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In partnership with Top Parks, we're taking a trip down memory lane to embrace those unforgettable childhood memories.

With age comes great responsibility. When you’re young, all you want to do is grow up – and the older the you get, the more appealing a world of playtime and grass stains becomes. Let’s throw it back and embrace nostalgia in full force: here are the childhood memories you'll never forget. 

Building a fort

Bedsheets, blankets, chairs, bits and bobs. When it comes to building forts, the imagination knows no bounds – after all, a fort is so much more than a collection of household furniture. It’s a ramshackle structure, full to brim with childhood memories. Channel your inner architect and build a fort with your loved ones. You can be sure it’ll be a memory they’ll cherish forever.

Playing outdoors

Discovering the great outdoors is one of the most memorable things about childhood. Grass stains, water fights, hopscotch, picnics, camping holidays. Rather than getting stuck into a television or game console, you’d muddy your knees getting to know the nooks and crannies of the world outside. Nature offers the perfect backdrop for the imagination: watering holes, forest land, beautiful beaches can all become platforms for adventure and discovery. Top Parks can help revive your imagination to create lasting memories with your family and loved ones. 

Family road trips

Nothing pairs better with the open road than a killer soundtrack of classic singalongs. We’ll always remember cruising down the highway, windows down and volume cranked up to 11 – your parents blasting out the classics. So put on your sunnies and plug in the aux cord. It’s time to make new memories on the open road.

Camping holidays

Everyone loves a holiday. Whether your breaking up from school or work – it’s great to get away from the slog of everyday life. We all remember how much fun we had on camping holidays. Hanging out with your extended family and cooking food on a portable stove. Toasting marshmallows over the fire, exploring the woods, fishing trips, gazing into the deep, starry night. The list goes on.

Top Parks invite you to relive those precious memories at any of their caravan and holiday parks, conveniently located across Australia. There are heaps of accommodation options available, as well as a world of activity and exploration for the whole family to get stuck into. Head to Top Parks to create memories that’ll last a lifetime.


Written By Rebecca O'Malley

ATTN: all little animal lovers. 

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Fido has never looked finer.