Cadbury Has Made Creme Eggs In Block Form And We’re All Going Up A Jean Size

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'Yum' doesn't begin to cover it.

You know what? The feature image on this article isn't enough.

Feast your eyes once again on the most beautiful creation known to mankind; the Creme Egg Block:

(We've included three as we believe this is a good starting point for shopping).

Never again do we need to experience the shame of attempting to pick up and carry armfuls of creme eggs from the Cadbury stand at the servo.

Our hands are not fit to bear the burden of more than four creme eggs at a time and it’s a travesty.

But now, the Creme Egg comes in an easy stack and carry shape - the rectangle.

Creme Egg Blocks will set you back a nifty $4.79 and are only available for a limited time, so we recommend buying all of them.

Image: Supplied.

Written By Brynn Davies