Big Changes Coming To Your Beloved Macca's Burgers

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We all know the taste of Macca's any time of day.

Cheeky lunchtime Quarter Pounder? Check. Mid-morning hot cakes while headed out on a road trip? Check. 

Hungover coke? Check!

But it looks like all that is about to change, in a good way.

McDonald's Australia has announced their classic burgs' - Big Mac, Quarter Pounder and Cheeseburger - have all undergone a reno, meaning they're now even tastier.

Some of the changes include the cooking of 100 per cent Aussie beef patties with just the right sear on the grill for juicier patties, onions added at the grill for more flavour, perfectly melted cheese, softer and freshly toasted buns and more special sauce on the Big Mac.  

More. Special. Sauce.

In a press release, Sharon Paz, Vice President of Operations at McDonald’s Australia said, “We’ve reviewed all of the steps and elements that go into serving our classic burgers to ensure they are the very best they can be – and here in Australia, we’ll be the first country in the world to serve these hotter, juicier and tastier burgers at every one of our restaurants.”

There you have it folks.

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