The Best And Worst Jobs In Australia Have Been Revealed

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Where’s your industry sitting?

We all know that unemployment is steadily declining - it’s everywhere on the news, on TV, on the radio, and TBH it might be time to review that LinkedIn bio you wrote five years ago.

So what do we do?

Here’s the scoop on the best and worst job sectors to be working in around Australia right now: 

Jobs in decline (top 10)

  1. Sales Assistants (General)
  2. Chief Executives and Managing Directors
  3. Retail Supervisors
  4. Contract, Program and Project Administrators
  5. Call or Contact Centre and Customer Service Managers
  6. General Managers
  7. Transport Services Managers
  8. Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers
  9. Garden and Nursery Labourers
  10. Handypersons

If that was depressing, fear not ‘cause there’s still a bunch of other careers ready for you do. 

Jobs on the rise (top 10)

  1. Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers
  2. Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers
  3.  Software and Applications Programmers
  4. Accountants
  5. Education Aides
  6. Primary School Teachers
  7. Storepersons
  8. Automobile Drivers
  9. Registered Nurses
  10. Other Miscellaneous Labourers

There’s hope for us yet, and maybe the future isn’t as bleak as we thought. 

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