ASOS 'Poop Pants' Roasted On Social Media

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We've seen some great stuff from ASOS. We'd be lying if we said reception didn't know to fling those parcels our way (no label check required).

However, like any retailer, sometimes they miss the mark.

And BOY is social media going after them for this one.

Instagram account @asbos_sos has kindly shared an image of the product in question, the $46 Public Desire relaxed joggers.

While yes, they look super comfy, they also kinnnnnd of look a bit... pooey?

"Gastronentiritus but make it fashun," the caption reads including the A+ hashtag, #aftereatingakebaboffthefloor

And they aren't alone in their thinking.

“A new take on the home tie dye trend,” said one follower.

Another added simply, “sh*t happens”.

Plenty of parents also chimed in with comments like, "maybe we can wear these for camouflage next time gastro strikes the fam".

The news comes after a bikini/suit hybrid thing caused a similar ruckus. You can check it out here, if you dare.

Image: ASOS

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Written By Ally Parker