Are beards and pubic hair the same? Science explains

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Bless you science.

We’re feeling pretty smug right now.


Because, as we’ve vehemently attested at a few parties or two, it turns out beards really are made of pubes.

Some of you might be pro-beard and while we can understand your point of view… please see below damning evidence that practically screams, ‘Shave yo face!’.

You see, hair follicles in the average beard are scientifically super similar to those from the pits and groin.

Dr. Bobby Buka, founder of Greenwich Village Dermatology, spoke to The Huffington Post and explains more:

“The concentration of sebaceous glands is high in several areas,” he said listing the face, groin and armpits. “So the hair characteristics in those areas are very similar, in terms of thickness of shaft and quality of hair.”

According to Dr. Buka the sebaceous glands grow with the onset of puberty, due to hormone changes. The higher concentration and larger the glands in one area means more sebum produced, which also carries pheromones thus explaining the whole, ‘Lumberjack chic’ phase we all went through a couple years ago.

Speaking with HuffPoBuka explains that sebaceous glands are higher on your face leading to an increase in pheromone-carrying sebum. And since those glands are are richer in sebum, and therefore richer in pheromones, beards carry a distinct smell.

"Your signature smell comes more from beard hair than from scalp hair. The base of a hair follicle is much bigger on your face, which is why it looks thicker on your face than your scalp hair. But it’s considered the same type of process, slightly different growth rates but same morphology otherwise," he explains.

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