Aldi’s Selling $10 French Bordeaux For Red AND White Drinkers

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Does it come by the case? 

Wine lovers everywhere are rejoycing. 

The Holy Grail of vino, grown from the famous wine-growing region of Bordeaux in France, has hit the shelves of your local Aldi for under ten bucks. 

This week’s Special Buys is taking care of our Friday night and our wallet, stocking not one, but two varieties of the good stuff.

The red, Laville Pavillon Bordeaux Rouge 2018, is going for $9.99 and is described as a “traditional Bordeaux red – intense and full-bodied with garnet hues in a stunning embossed glass bottle.”

And for white drinkers, Laville Pavillon Bordeaux Blanc 2018 is also $9.99, is described as “bright and fresh with white flower aromas and a hint of grilled almonds.” (DW, it also has an embossed bottle)

ren and stimpy wine GIF

Check out the catalogue and get down to your local Aldi quicksmart, these aren’t going to last more a hot minute. 


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