Aldi Release Pampered Pet Range With Actual Pet TeePee

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Have you ever had something pop into your orbit and think, 'Well, there goes my discretionary spending'?

We certainly have (curse you Kmart bargains!) and this month its name is 'Aldi's Pampered Pet Special Buy' (yes, it's long but whatevs).

The discount supermarket has re-released their Special Buys pet range after it made waves last year and honestly?

Ready to drop some serious dough come Wednesday 6 March.

Keen? Here are our favs:

Petplay Teepee $17.99

Aside from being bloody adorable, the pet teepee comes with a reversible printed cover and removable matching cushion, the latter of which is machine washable - useful if your dog is anything like ours and likes to PeePee.

Pet Sofa $59.99

For the fancy pet (who needs to stay the *%#& off the hooman couch).

Doggo Accessories $4.99

Aldi Unpacked report that the Lead and Collar Set, Dog Jacket and Dog Bowl are "sure to get a lick of approval" which is such an excellent dad pun we feel compelled to reward them by purchasing the damn things. Also: cute.

Dog Toys $3.99

For such a good price they're a bargain whether you have a smol doggo who lacks incisor strength to destroy it, or a large dog who chomps through toys like Weetbix. 

Check out the full list here.

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