Aldi's Luxe Bedding Special Buys Have Your Sleep-In Sorted

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Have all the ZZZs. 

If you’re like the rest of the working/parenting/tired population, you’re probs waiting out the day until you can fall face-first into the pillowy softness of your bed and pass TF out. 

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Well we’ve got some news that will make your precious moments between the sheets even more special - literally, ‘cause you’re gonna replace them. 

Aldi’s latest Special Buys include luxe, high-tech sleeping gear that will make your bed your new favourite place (if it isn’t already). 

Now repeat after me: 1000-thread count sheets. 

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There’s also some funky charcoal and bamboo-based bedding, including bamboo charcoal mattress and pillow protectors, and even assorted charcoal-infused latex pillows.

The coconut charcoal is a naturally purifying material with antibacterial properties which helps eliminate odour, so you can fart in peace. 

If you haven’t had the absolute pleasure of trying memory foam before, it basically moulds to your body. Aldi’s stocking memory foam errythang, including adjustable pillows; you’ll feel more supported than in group therapy.

Products like the Performance Memory Foam Pillow Assortment for $29.99 have three support levels - soft, medium or firm - so like Goldilocks, you can find a combo that’s “just right”. 

According to the product description, the pillows have been engineered to conform with all sleeping positions. Which is great if you’re a snoring pretzel. 

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These Special Buys will be available from Wednesday 7 August, check out the website for more info

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