Aldi's Latest Special Buy Will Literally Save You A Thousand Bucks

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Bargain and a half.

Just when you thought Aldi couldn't possibly get better than last week's robot vacuum Special Buy, the discount supermarket have swooped in with an electric bike.

Like, bloody hell guys. We love you, we love your damn vacuum and now we love your bike.

Love aside, the Crane Folding E-Bike will hit stores Wednesday 13 March for the sweet price of $799.

Yes, $799 for an electric bike.

According to Aldi, this bad boy includes: 

  • 7-speed Shimano™ Revoshift - a v. good cycling brand FYI. 
  • A 36V 250W brushless motor.
  • Removable and lockable battery.
  • Battery range up to 50km.
  • Walk assist function.
  • Front and rear lights. 
  • Multifunction LCD display.

Not in the know when it comes to bikes? 

Choice report that electric bikes range from "$995 for a conversion kit" - aka to pimp out an existing bike - to "more than $3,000 for a ready-made cycle with all the trimmings.”

Now, our research shows there are a few on the market for under $2K but still....

At $799, a full electric bike is certified STEAL.

That being said we have to admit $799 is still a fair chunk of moolah for most of us. So you might be wondering if quality has been compromised in order to hit that price point.

Well, worry no mo’ ‘cause the folks at Bike Radar have reviewed the product, writing:

"The Crane Folding E-Bike is an absolute bargain. The build quality is impressive, its parts are well thought out and it performs as well as bikes double its price."

You can read the full spiel here.

We'd say 'run, don't walk' to this sale, but foot travel kind of seems old hat RN.

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Written By Ally Parker