Aldi's $15 Special Buy Tights Are A Near-Perfect Dupe For The Fancy Ones

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It's no secret that Aldi's Special Buy sales are... well, special.

But this one has that little extra sprinkle ya know?

The fitness Special Buy sale hit Aldi stores on Saturday 10 July and between boxing gloves and gluten-free snacks, was a real goodie in the form of $15 compression tights.

Yes, $15.

When they last hit stores in June, shoppers went nuts.

Author Laura Greaves wrote on Instagram about how much she liked the product, especially when paired with the price tag:

"I cannot stress enough how much I love @aldiaustralia’s fitness tights. I’ve spent many hundreds of dollars over the years on various brand name ‘performance’ running tights, but none has ever come close to fitting as well, lasting as long or being as comfortable as these."

Others took to the Aldi Fans Australia Facebook page to share their love for the prod:

"The compression tights are amazing, I wish I bought three pairs," one person wrote.

Another added, "Yep, makes my a**e look great... "

The Special Buy went on sale on Saturday 10 August so be sure to check for availability but if your local is out of stock don't fret, they appear to be somewhat regular on the Special Buy circuit so be sure to keep an eye out for future releases.

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Written By Ally Parker

Turns out it's not as cleansing as we thought. 

It's time to shop.

Good lawddddyyy.