Aldi have been secretly reading our diary and are now selling pink gin

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Does our 'Keep Out' sign mean nothing to you people?

We mentioned this in the headline but for those blind clickers out there, yes, Aldi has read our secret diary and are releasing pink gin.

Perhaps we should be miffed at this invasion of privacy...

But perhaps we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Selling for under $35, the prod comes in a gift pack and will taste a little different to regular gin.

Because we've all had a tough trot, they've infused the thing with strawberries and raspberries and hopes and dreams*.

Your G&T never tasted so damn quietly fulfilling and emotionally intelligent.

P.S. They say its 'just in time for mothers day' but we all know it's never making it to mum's house.

*Slight creative licence taken.

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Written By Ally Parker