Aldi Cult Buy Is Back In Stock And Shoppers Are Going Crackers

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And it's just six bucks. 

Cheese enthusiasts around the country are rejoicing. 

Aldi’s cult favourite - Le Pave cheese - is back on shelves after it was discontinued last year. after shoppers went crazy and literally ate the shelves bare.

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Le Pave, described by the supermarket chain as a “gooey and decadent cheese, perfect with a crusty baguette”, retails for just $6 - and is lauded by cheese snobs around the country who prefer it to the $18 D'Affinois alternative.

An eagle-eyed Aldi shopper spotted the French cheese back on the shelves in Cockburn Gateway’s WA store.

The news was announced on Aldi Lovers Australia’s Instagram, writing: 

“STOP THE PRESS. Stalk the cheese fridge. Because look what’s coming back on the shelves!”

The comments section went ballistic, with fromage aficionados sharing their excitement.  

“Bought 5 on Thursday. Best day ever,” one user wrote. 

Another posted: 

“OMG!!! SHUT THE SHOP!... This is IT!!! THE cheese we want is BACK BABY!!! Woo Hoo! I’ll buy some ASAP!”

Given the frenzy that the product caused last year, you’d better get to your closest Aldi quicksmart.

And now we know that cheese is proven to make you happier, you should feel zero guilt stocking up for winter. Maybe grab a bottle or two of Aldi wine on your way out - for the antioxidants, of course.

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Written By Brynn Davies