Adopt This Shelter Cat With A ‘Penis’ On Her Face

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Hey, good looking.  

When you think of furry animals words like “cute” and “aww” come to mind. 

One word that almost never doesn’t come to mind is “penis”. Unless you’re this unfortunately-adorned (or is that fortunately?) ragdoll cat. 

The cat, named Daisy, is looking for a loving family to adopt her. But she’s had a hard time finding a forever home because of her, uh, unique facial situation. 

People can be real d*cks.

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Sydney adoption organisation The Mini Kitty Commune, introduced Daisy to the world on Facebook, saying that she is “ready for adoption.” The shelter says the feline is fluffy and snuggly and loves the company of humans. 

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The post has captured a lot of attention on Facebook and gained Daisy a lot of love. 

“I think Daisy is gorgeous!” one person commented. 

“The first thing I saw was an angel standing with wings spread. She's beautiful. I'd adopt her immediately,” another wrote about the markings on Daisy’s face. 

There's no news on whether Daisy has been adopted, but we’re sending her nothing but positive vibes. 

And penis jokes.

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Images: The Mini Kitty Commune / Facebook. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi