8 Weird AF Wedding Venues For An Unforgettable 'I Do'

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Honey, how do you feel about rollercoasters?

Choosing a venue for your wedding can be overwhelming - it sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Plus, you want it to be memorable and different from your friends’ weddings!  So why not go to the extreme?

Have your guests talking about your big day for a lifetime with these out there options:

1. Underwater Scuba Wedding In Mauritius

Dive deep with your true love and be wed (and wet) in the beautiful Indian Ocean. Let’s hope you can both swim!

2. On A Roller Coaster at New York’s Coney Island

Take the plunge (all 85 feet of it) on New York’s famous Coney Island rollercoaster. Just you, your bae, and a celebrant with a strong stomach. 

3. Weightless Wedding At Zero Gravity Over The Gulf Of Mexico

If the idea of a boring, traditional wedding gets you down, then celebrating your nuptials in zero-gravity could be for you. Exchanging rings may be a bit more difficult, but you’ll be flying so who cares? 

4. The Original Ice Hotel In Sweden

Intimate AND arctic - this venue is legit made of ice and is absolutely spectacular. Bring a jacket. 

5. Melbourne Zoo With The Animals

A memorable wedding, and even more memorable photographs; getting married at the zoo opens you up to endless possibilities - like your ceremony being overseen by giraffes. 

6. SCG Wedding

From getting personalised signage on the scoreboard to fitting up to 900 guests, the SCG has more than ‘global icon’ going for it as your potential wedding venue: 

7. At McDonald’s 'Cause Nuggets

Just when you thought a wedding at Macca’s couldn’t get any better, you learn that packages start from as little as $600


8. Sea World On The Gold Coast

Charm, elegance, dolphins. What more do you want? 

If you haven’t chosen your venue, check out the Wedding Secrets podcast.

Written By Brynn Davies

ATTN: all little animal lovers. 

With raspberry pieces, rice crisps, and almond. 

Fido has never looked finer.