The $6 Kmart product that's selling like hotcakes

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Want AND need!

Truth be told, we love us some Kmart. 

Like, REALLY love Kmart:

So you can imagine our reaction when we heard there was a new prod doing the rounds which, for $6-odd bucks, was promising a whole lot of convenience.


Let us present to you the new stackable solution to your pantry woes:

Yes! Stackable containers with an easy pull out handle, perfect for scooping and ideal for those with limited space.

Glory be thy Kmart.

The containers have gotten a lot of social media attention after they were posted to Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia by a follower named Amanda who gushed, "Love these for the pantry!" with comments flooding in expressing similar sentiments.

"Who ever posted this is a genius. I’ve got 3 boys who eat a lot of cereal and I couldn't stand the boxes half open in the cupboard. This makes me happy!’ one woman commented.

"Yes I have these, FABULOUS," wrote another (and another, and another).

The items don't appear to be available sale online yet but users on the Facebook group report a price of around $6.

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Written By Ally Parker