$30 Fitness Tracker With More Five-Star Reviews Than Fitbit

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I am health and wellness personified. 

If you’re into fitness - heck, if you like knowing your daily step count - you probs know that Fitbit is like the gold standard in high-tech exercise doohickies. They also cost up to $300. 

And that’s cool and all, but what if we told you Amazon has a fitness tracker that costs $30 which has more five-star reviews than the expensive AF smartwatch. 

Heck - Fitbit isn’t the shopping giant’s number one bestseller or best-reviewed tracker. 

It’s this lil guy: 

Letscom Fitness Tracker has over 3,600 five-star reviews on Amazon and brb we’re adding to cart. 

The lesser-known brand does pretty much everything Fitbit does - monitors your heart rate and sleep quality, counts your steps, calories, and distance through the day, and sends you notifications if you get a call or text. It’s also waterproof, has GPS and allows you to shoot photos remotely. 

The $30 tracker also pairs with any smartphone, has a battery that will last longer than your mobile - up to a week - and comes in SIX colours (ya fusspot). 

Reviews rave about the “stylish” look and compatibility. 

“The watch will buzz when you get a phone call and tell you who’s calling, and if you get a text it gives you about a 10-15 word preview along with who sent it. So wonderful!” one reviewer wrote. 

“I can track my daily achievements easily, helping me to reach my goals,” said another. 

And let’s be honest - if it accidentally goes through the washing machine, it won’t be a bank-breaking loss. Who wouldn’t pay $30 to get to 10,000 steps? 

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