The $25 Kmart Bargain Social Media Is Going Nuts Over

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Kmart, you've done it again.

Say it with us now, "Cancel your plans, we're going to Kmart."

Got it? Good, 'cause you'll need to put it into action tout de suite for this bargain.

Kmart lovers across social media are going mad for a $25 polka-dotted dress from the retailer and we can see why.

The dress, whose style is on trend right now, is far cheaper than most on the market (we've found this lookalike on The Iconic for $64.95) and can be styled for both work and as a casual weekend ~lewk~.



The orange dress hit the spotlight after Instagram user Trash To Treasured shared an image of the dress (both casual and dressed up for work, what a pro).

"I can see this $25 @kmartaus frock (‘Long Sleeve Wrap Dress’) flying off the the rack (wearing size 10, generous fit)," she wrote.

"Feels fab, stretchy waist and breastfeeding friendly- what’s not to love? Teamed with $8 #kmart sneakers."

The image was so popular it has even been reshared via the official Kmart Australia Instagram page.

Which is great for her and all...

... but if that dresses is sold out by the time we get there.

Image: Getty

Written By Ally Parker