The $2 Kmart Hack You Need To Know As A Pet Owner

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Cards on the table, we're mad keen for Kmart.

We're there most weekends, subscribe to all the groups and if there was a way to hold Kmart Birthday parties past the age of 12, we probably would.

So, when we saw a genius hack based on a cheapie Kmart prod?

HAD to share.

A super smart member of the Kmart Hacks Facebook group named Sabine has found a great hack for pet hair using a simply squeegee:

"I have cats fur problem at home," she wrote.

"I used it on furniture... on rugs and it seems like its picking up what my Dyson cant pick up ? Even human hair stuck in the rug !

It's just a squeegee nothing else used."

All that for a $2 squeegee (aka far, far less than a fancy Dyson).

The news comes after a STEAL of a $6 Kmart container went bananas on social media - and honestly like sixteen other amazing hacks/buys. Did we mention we were obsessed with The Mart?

Image: Getty

Written By Ally Parker