A $19 Jar Of Vegemite Is Getting Absolutely Roasted Online

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We can see why...

Another day, another Vegemite-related headline causing outrage online amirite?

Today's cause? A cracking $19 for a 560-gram jar of the stuff.

Reddit user rmaxwell77 posted the offensively priced spread after spotting it at Sydney Airport.

A noble posting if we're honest.

The same jar rings in at $8 at both Coles and Woolies.

Reddit users have gone after the increase with gusto.

"The infamous 'your fault for not ducking up to the shops before your flight'," one user wrote.

"Duty free is a 10% reduction on a 300% inflated price," added another.

Now, it's also worth noting that the Vegemite counts as a 'gel' and therefore can be confiscated if not packed into checked luggage. 

A fact many Reddit users pointed out and which this writer can attest too having purchased the tube of vegemite (pictured in the lower half of the image) from Sydney's International Airport herself at the last minute. It was swiftly confiscated when transfering flights.


And if you're reading this from anywhere other than 'Straya?

Look, it's concentrated yeast extract, but we care mmkay?

Image: Reddit


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