11 of the top-ranked properties on Airbnb

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Who knew you could book a night in a Scottish castle so easily?

More than a means of scoring yourself a stay in a swanky apartment and pretending you’re rich for the weekend, Airbnb offers a pretty incredible and unusual mix of accommodation options. The travel app have shared their “wish list”, made up their top 40 houses, villas, apartments, castles (yes, castles) and the like. 

We’ve pulled out nine of the best. Check them out below:

1. Cubehouse

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sleeps: Four

Cost per night: $145

One reviewer described it as:

"[A] very unique/fun place to stay for a short visit to Rotterdam. Awesome location across from the Markthal."

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2. Historical Nakagin Capsule Tower

Location: Ginza, Japan

Sleeps: Two

Cost per night: $132

The owner described it as:

"Designed by Kisho Kurokawa in 1972, Nakagin Capsule Tower is a rare built example of Japanese Metabolism, a movement that became emblematic of Japan's postwar cultural resurgence. The building was the world's first example of capsule architecture built for actual use."

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3. Tile House

Location: Twentynine Palms, California

Sleeps: Four

Cost per night: $175

One guest described it as:

"Wow. This place is a dream. It's simply incredible. My boyfriend and I facetimed our families so they could tour through the house with us. It's so impressive and beautiful and unique. The home feels like a piece of art that's been crafted out of love and deep thought and care."

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4. A cottage near a geysir

Location: Laugarvatn, Iceland

Sleeps: Six

Cost per night: $220

The owner described it as:

"This unique summer house was finished in 2010. This location is in one of the best vacation areas in the country. It is in the middle of the famous Golden Circle Route. The house was built to reflect the Icelandic landscape and complement the small vegetation of moss and trees in the old lava-field. It is a beautiful little gem within a great area of the country."

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5. Hedford House

Location: Kells, Ireland

Sleeps: 16

Cost per night: $1292

One guest described it as:

"What a great and unique property. We had such a lovely evening there, I find it hard to describe. The garden is magic... I am sure to go back there! "

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6. Private Palm Springs Retreat

Location: California

Sleeps: Eight

Cost per night: $675

The owner described it as:

"This landmark 1934 Hacienda is located in the Old Movie Colony. Once owned by Bing Crosby, this Palm Springs villa is a unique and charming rental for vacations, reunions, or a romantic getaway." 

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7. St Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite

Location: London, UK

Sleeps: Four

Cost per night: $228

One guest described it as:

"A unique experience and a must stay location for anyone interested in architecture, railways or just unusual locations. The Guest Suite has everything you could need and being self contained enjoys an added level of privacy from the rest of the apartment."

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8. Dairsie Castle

Location: Scotland, UK

Sleeps: 13

Cost per night: $631

One guest described it as:

"The castle was built from ruins by the landlord who raised her family there, it's a project of pure love. Absolutely unique and one of a kind experience. Great for family gathering or large parties. Would recommend it to anyone."

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9. The Seashell House - Casa Caracol

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico 

Sleeps: Four

Cost per night: $308

One guest described it as:

"The house was amazing, the pictures don't do it justice. Staying on [Isla] Mujeres was the best experience we've ever had. "

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10. Villa San Gennariello B&B

Location: Portici, Italy

Sleeps: Three

Cost per night: $65

The owner described it as:

"Bed and breakfast in splendid Vesuviana's Villa of 1700."

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11. Container home

Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Sleeps: Three

Cost per night: $150

One guest described it as:

"The house is exactly like the photos. It's a cleverly designed. Perfect for one or two people but with a real sense of space."

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Images: Airbnb

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo