There is some seriously good stuff on sale at Aldi this weekend

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Who knew we even needed these?

Every week Aldi has a massive sale, which is a) basically an excuse for us to buy a million things that we didn’t know we even needed and b) save a heap of cash.

Last weekend they were flogging their booze for ridiculously low price (er, $6 bottle of red, anyone?), but this Saturday they’re going all Father’s Day on us and slashing prices on a bunch of tools and DIY gear.

Cable ties ($4.99), drill sets ($8.99) and security lights ($24.99) might rate pretty high on the boring purchases scale – but tbh this stuff is so cheap right now that you’ll be laughing next time you want to get your Bob the Builder on.

Oh, and if high-vis gear is your thing it’s practically Christmas, with work belts, vests and polos all under the $27 mark.

BRB while we work out what we need to fix this weekend, and what the heck to do with a $39.99 angle grinder.

Sale is this Saturday only or until it all sells out (*cough* we snag it first).

Lead image: getty/Scott Olson

Written By Cassie Steel

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