Build-A-Bear Workshop is having a 'Pay Your Age Day'

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Clear your diary!

A Thursday is already a pretty great day, it's the day before Friday and two days before the weekend. 

But this week's Thursday just got even better, because Build-A-Bear Australia will be hosting a Pay Your Age Day this week, on Thursday, November 15!

You can buy the bear of your dreams for the age you are! Eg: if your child is five? You pay $5 smackaroonies! Maybe avoid making a bear if you're on the other end of the scale - because that'll cost ya!

Build-A-Bear will be hosting the event at all 28 Aussie stores - yes, every store will be hosting to promotion. 

But before you get too excited, there are rules - as there always are:

Also, as a part of their ‘I Heart Birthdays’ program, the beloved company will also have the Birthday Treat Bear on offer from Friday, November 16,  which will be only $10 for anyone during the month of their birthday!

So get up early on Thursday, and make your very own bear for the price of your age!


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Written By Christina Cavaleri

Today the Casanovas spent the day down at The Port, checking out AutoMasters and Port Mall. It was awesome!

Casanovas @ Burnside,Glenunga 20.3.19

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