What are the leading ladies of Girls up to post series-finale?

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Will we see a movie about those four Girls we love to hate so dearly?

Well, it’s finally happening. Stellar HBO success Girls has called cut for the final time. The controversial television series is set to air its final episode at 8:30pm on Wednesday; closing a chapter for the women behind the international success.

Since we heard the news that the sixth season of Girls would be its final, people have been asking: will we get a movie?

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The Hollywood Reporter (THR) sat down with the Girls team and asked the million dollar question, to which Jenni Konner (producer and writer) replied: 

“We feel like no one necessarily needs to hear from us right now. But if someone wants to do the [Girls] movie, we'll do it.”

Lena Dunham expanded:

“Oh, we're doing the movie. I'd just want to leave enough space so that we are finding them in a super different place than we left them. But if HBO paid for two Sex and the City ones, they'd better pay for one of ours…”

But in the interim, what can we expect from the woman behind Girls next?

Dunham told THR:

“What's next for me? I love writing my stupid books, and Jenni and I have [our newsletter] Lenny and a bunch of feature ideas, but we're giving ourselves the gift of a little time.”

Whereas her costars Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna) and Jemima Kirk (Jessa) are continuing on with their acting careers and Allison Williams (Marnie) is taking a short break before deciding what’s next for her: 

"I need a beat to kind of sit back and look at everything and think about what my next move is going to be," she told The Washington Post.

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