Waleed left red faced after Carrie Bickmore’s “racy” remark

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Is this TMI?

Carrie Bickmore just let Australia know what her status is on pubic hair. 

While Lisa Wilkinson is overseas in the UK covering the much anticipated royal wedding, she was letting her team know about the souvenirs on offer to the royal fans. 

“The merch on the ground here is unbelievable, you guys haven’t actually told me what you want yet.”

Bickmore gave Wilkinson an insight in what she would like:

“I’ll have a tea towel.”

But Wilkinson already had Bickmore’s present picked out.

“I’m getting you that fabulous one-piece with Harry and his beard.”

To which Bickmore responded with a tongue in cheek comment:

“Yeah, that will be the first time I’ve had hair down there in a while.”

Fellow co-host, Waleed Aly could not hide the shock on his face and loss for words:

“God, I love you, Carrie. I love you.

“Have fun over there. I’m sure Pete would like one of those swimsuits.”

But Peter Helliar didn’t reveal his personal grooming habits

Good on you Bickmore! 


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