Polaroid Releases Vintage Spice Girls and Barbie Cameras - The Internet Freaks Out

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Two words: SPICE Cam. 

Today in things the Internet is obsessed with, Polaroid Australia has decided to re-release a small number of vintage cameras from the late '90s. 

In a post on Facebook, the company revealed that they were selling a Spice Cam from 1997 and a Barbie camera from 1999 for a very limited time, and unsurprisingly, the Internet is freaking out. 

"YOU ASKED WE ANSWERED," Polaroid Australia wrote. 

"It's time to sparkle & spice up your life with the Polaroid 600 Vintage Spice Cam & Barbie. No better way to relive the 90's than with these iconic Polaroid editions. You need to hurry though, we only have limited quantity of each available. Stay tune, we might be giving away one soon!!! (shh don't tell) shop now at www.polaroid.com.au"

The two vintage Polaroid 600 cams are ridiculously cool, and if you're interested in getting your hands on one, you better move fast. When Polaroid says they only have a limited amount on hand, they mean it.

When the vintage items first went on sale there were only seven Barbie cameras available and three Spice cams. In the time since the announcement was made, all of the Spice cams have been sold and a good chunk of Barbie cams have been snatched up, too. 

I guess you could say these vintage pieces are what the people want... what they really, really want.

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Run, don't walk! 

The range hit shelves TODAY.