Former Kmart Employee Reveals How To Score Discounts On Your Fave Items

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And why you should always check the barcode!

Rita Kaminski, a former Kmart employee, has taken to YouTube to reveal the "secrets" every shopper needs to know – like why it's important to check the barcode on an item before buying it.  

In the video, Kaminski revealed she worked at the department store for four years while at school. The 23-year-old also explained that she is sharing stories from her own experiences at Kmart and this may not reflect every store. 

But we’re wildly excited all the same.

One of Rita’s first tips is that it's a good idea to check up on the store from time to time as your favourite items will often drop in price:

"A lot of things always change price."

"If it's something that's not in the catalogue, and you've seen it around for a really long time, especially with clothes... they go on sale for a $1."

"There was a time when every single book got put down to 20 cents. I'm not kidding you, I bought like 20 books."

She added that if you're into buying and selling items then the three sections you should check out are the clothes, books and makeup.

OK, now this one might change everything for you – Rita explained that you should always check the barcode before buying anything as the last digit could change the price. 

"Say there's like two different appliances, but they're exactly the same thing and if you look at the barcode at the very end it's a four [on one] and then it's like a five [on another one] and they're the same price. 

"The one with the four should be cheaper because sometimes they don't update the prices...  so definitely check on the barcodes and make sure to check online as well for whatever it is you're buying and be like 'Is this the same model or is it a bit different?'"

Rita also added that if you're looking for a particular video game and you can't see it on the shelves, it is always worth asking the employees as it'll likely be in the back. 

One big tip she also offered was to shop between the hours of 8am and 5pm as that's when the full-time employees are rostered on and they will be more likely to be able to help with any queries. 

Get excited people, because Rita also revealed that the two best times to score bargains is after Christmas and after Easter (which is merely days away!), so you know where you’ll find us on Easter Monday! 

For more tips, you can watch the video here:

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Written By Marni Dixit