Stu Laundy makes devastating admission off the back of break up rumours

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“People's opinions can hurt kids”

You’ve got to feel for Stuphie (that’s the couple name I’ve landed on for Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy, in case you were wondering). One minute they’re proclaiming their love for one another on a beach in Fiji, nek minute (OK, like three months later) they’re back in tall poppy land and everyone is ripping their relationship to shreds. 

…It’s almost as if the Australian public has lost its faith in the validity of romantic unions built on reality TV shows. And guys, if we lose our trust in reality dating shows, who even are we as a people?!

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Stu Laundy has spoken to OK! magazine about the impact the negative chatter has had on his family and you’ve got to feel for the poor millionaire; he’s concerned for his ‘littles’:

“The only concern I have had thus far throughout the entire process is the wellbeing of my children and the negative impact on them.

“People's opinions can hurt kids, which I don't think they realise,” he told the publication. 

The 44-year-old publican went on to tell The Daily Mail:

“I understand we've opened ourselves up to scrutiny dating on a show like this and yes, Soph is a national treasure which will raise interest.

“People are entitled to their opinions but I guess I just ask for a chance to prove the non-believers wrong,” he said.” 

He also confirmed to OK! mag that he and Sophie are doing just fine, thank you very much:

“We are very well-suited.”

Loosely translated, we're taking that statement to mean: pack up, go home; there's nothing to see here. 


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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo