Taylor Swift Reveals The Real Reason The Dixie Chicks Are In Her Music Video

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Taylor Swift just dropped the incredible, easter-egg filled music video for her new single ME!, and fans have a lot of questions, including: Why are the Dixie Chicks pictured on the wall?

Swifties even have theories that Taylor’s next single will feature the group, and TS7 could be a full album of collaborations!

Well, Taylor called up Smallzy to talk all about the song and music video, and explained the real reason she gave them a cameo.

“I’m just such a hardcore fan, and I always have been and always will be.”

Watch her full response here!

Taylor also gave Smallzy a very important update on her new cat Benjamin Button, who was also featured in the ME! music video.


Written By Lachlan Guertin

“I’m down to go anywhere with them.”

“Liam and I are like brothers nowadays.”

“Sign me up!”