One Of Adele's Biggest Hits Was Almost Released By Another Artist

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Say it isn't so?!

You love Adele, you love her heartbreaking hits and you love belting them out in the shower, but imagine if they were released by someone else?

Her 2011 track Rumour Has It hit number 16 on the Billboard charts and sold over 2 million units, but now the songwriter Ryan Tedder is saying that he almost released it for himself.

Talking to Smallzy live in LA about songs that he regrets giving away, the OneRepublic frontman admitted that Rumour Has It holds a special place in his heart.

In case you can’t imagine Ryan singing it, he performed it on stage last year (and it’s actually pretty good).

Ryan Tedder is well known in the music industry for writing massive hits for artists, including 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new track.

Just like Adele, Ryan told Smallzy that he almost released Easier as his band, but explained how he ended up giving it to the band.


Ryan Tedder never stops writing for massive artists, and he’s got some huge collabs lined up.

Attention Camila Cabello, Sam Smith and Jonas Brothers fans, you’re going to want to hear what he has to say…

If you want to learn what other tracks Ryan Tedder has had a hand in writing, Apple Music has created a playlist of all the hits here:

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“I’m going to get killed for saying this”

“It’s her personal life, that’s for sure.”