The most epic Ninja Warrior fails

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Okay, so you’ve obviously heard about the show Australia’s Ninja Warrior…. it’s the channel nine show that's taken Australia by storm. The idea is simple, grab a bunch of extremely fit males and females and challenge them to an extreme obstacle course. 

Ninja Warrior isn’t just bound to Australia, it also airs in America, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada. So with a bunch of versions, there’s bound to be a couple of Ninja Warrior fails. Here are some of our favourite….

The swinging fail:

The quick fail:

The wipe out fail:

The dinosaur fail:

The over-confident fail:

IMAGE | Nine Network

Written By Gemma Prendergast
Liam Payne

"I shouldn’t have been on stage” 

Rita Ora

Plus, she’ll be coming back to Australia 

Taylor Swift

Haters going to hate.