Louis Tomlinson Says: It’s His Turn To Make All The Decisions

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“Even if I brought an idea to the table, and we agreed to it, it was done as a collective” - Louis on One Direction

Speaking to Smallzy after releasing his new song Two Of Us, Louis Tomlinson admitted that he “feels the pressure” of being a solo artist compared to his time in One Direction.

Louis opened up about the decision-making process in the band and the responsibilities he has now by himself, three years after they announced their hiatus.

It’s been almost nine years since One Direction was formed, and according to Louis it “feels like a lifetime ago”.

He spoke to Smallzy all about growing up in the industry and the great memories the boys had together, and WOW, we’ve never wanted them to reunite more.

Louis just released his new single Two Of Us, a hopeful song in honour of his late mother Johannah, who passed away from leukaemia in 2016.

Before premiering the song on Smallzy’s Surgery, Louis explained its importance, why he needed to get it off his chest and how he wrote the song.

Louis now has a few songs released, but you won’t have to wait much longer to hear more music from the former boy band member.

He told Smallzy that he expects to have his debut album out by the end of the year.


With a new album comes a new tour, so don’t worry Australian fans, he will "definitely" be here soon.

We miss you Louis!

While on the phone with Louis, Smallzy decided to ask some fan questions from Twitter to get to know the singer a bit better.

He talked all about his favourite emoji, how to make the perfect tea and what to expect from his upcoming merch (even though he hasn’t released tour dates yet).

What’s not to love about this guy?

Written By Lachlan Guertin

“I’m building on what she created.”

“I will not be defined by what I’ve gone through.”

Honestly, same.