Loud Luxury Expose What Nicki Minaj Is Really Like Backstage

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Loud Luxury have been performing at festivals worldwide recently, including Canada, Belgium and Australia, but not every aspect has been great!

The Body hitmakers called up Smallzy’s Surgery this week to talk all about their time in Australia at the start of the year and the drama involving headline performer Nicki Minaj.

The boys revealed just how intense security got backstage when the rapper arrived, and wow…

Nicki Minaj isn’t the only massive celeb that Loud Luxury have encountered recently.

When the DJ pair played at Tomorrowland in July, they ran into none other than Paris Hilton backstage!

Even better, they confirmed that she still says her iconic catch-phrase in real life: that’s hot.


While on the phone with Smallzy, the boys also gave the 411 on their new track I’m Not Alright with Bryce Vine.

It’s a bop!

Written By Lachlan Guertin

“Sign me up!”

“There’s a lot of history behind that song.”

“I’ve [run] through this question seven bajillion times.”