Lizzo Shares The True Story Behind ‘Truth Hurts’ And OMG

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Queen of break-ups!

There are many ways to get through a break-up, and the correct way is to be like Lizzo and write a song about it.

The US hitmaker called Smallzy’s Surgery this week to talk all about the true story behind her massive track Truth Hurts, and yikes!

Lizzo says that she came to the studio right after her man broke up with her on voicemail, she vented out her feelings to the producers and then the savage anthem was born.

Wait until you hear what else she has to say about the guy who broke her heart…

Back in June, the superstar performed Truth Hurts at the BET Awards and had everyone including Rihanna on their feet applauding.

On the phone, Lizzo told Smallzy what she was really thinking when she saw Rihanna cheering her on and reflected on other career highlights and lowlights.

Queens supporting queens!

The superstar will be touching down in Australia in January for FOMO festival, and there’s one thing she’s super excited for when she visits the country.

Odd choice, but fair enough!

Written By Lachlan Guertin

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