Liam Payne Speaks Out About His Accidental X-Rated Instagram Post

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“Luckily it wasn’t at a certain different stage it could’ve been…”

Fans couldn’t believe what they saw on Liam Payne’s Instagram story last week, and it turns out it definitely wasn’t meant for them to see.

The racy photo showed the former One Direction member lying naked in bed with his sheets positioned very precisely…

While he swiftly deleted the picture, a few of his 17.6 million followers made sure to screenshot the explicit snap.

The Strip That Down singer revealed on Smallzy’s Surgery that he accidentally posted the X-Rated photo on social media when he was “going through the filters”.

“I just had this shock horror feeling over my body,” Liam told Smallzy during a game of Headline Busters.

“Luckily for me, there’s not really much people haven’t seen of me before anyway, so never mind.”

Check out the full video here, where he also revealed his biggest fashion regret:

If you’re wondering how Liam Payne keeps in such good shape, it all has to do with F45.

The singer confessed to Smallzy that he’s been hitting the Aussie chain of gyms with American actor and F45-stakeholder Mark Wahlberg.

“What an absolute legend,” the UK pop star said on the phone, “he is such a great role model to have”.

After Liam recently stripped it all off for his new HUGO modelling campaign, we can see why he’s keen to stay fit.

Written By Lachlan Guertin

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