Katy Perry Says She Won’t Release A New Album Anytime Soon

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And she has a good reason why not!

In the new age of music, it appears that streaming singles is in and listening to full albums is out.

Katy Perry seems to have gotten this memo, as she revealed to Smallzy that she’s not planning on releasing a new album in the near future.

“I’m trying to really investigate some, kind of, normal balance in my life, just to have normal interactions,” she told Smallzy.

Her last album Witness was released in 2017, and she has since released a few singles including her latest BOP Never Really Over.

While she’s not committing to a full album at the moment, she does promise fans that new songs are coming “in the very near future”.

Katy Perry spoke to Smallzy about her new single Never Really Over, saying that she’s very grateful about the response.

“I’ve been sitting on this song since last August when Zedd and I put the finishing touches on it when we were on tour,” she explained.

“I listened to it probably ten thousand times… and I didn’t know how people were going to react”.

Plus she admits that the lyrics are a mouthful, so congrats if you’ve mastered them already!

Keep your eyes peeled for Katy around Australia, because she says that she really wants to visit again soon!

Apparently a very famous Aussie movie helped inspire her to make the trip…

Written By Lachlan Guertin

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