Katy Perry Reveals Her Secret To Anti-Ageing And It's TMI

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"You definitely feel more energetic"

Her new song Never Really Over is all about trying new-age ways of living, and now Katy Perry admits that she’s tried a few herself in real life.

On the phone with Smallzy, Katy Perry revealed that she’s recently gotten into “health and healing places” to help cleanse herself, and she's tried it all!

Her latest obsession? "Lots of enemas".

Last time she was on the show in 2018, Katy revealed that she was planning on attending a health retreat when the Witness tour wrapped up in the hopes of finding a tapeworm.

Of course, Smallzy had to follow this up!

Katy Perry also spoke about how she and her partner Orlando Bloom are on a health kick at the moment after travelling the world.

She gave Smallzy her advice about eating abroad, including the best way to eat a croissant!

Written By Lachlan Guertin

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