Here’s The Secret Way Taylor Swift Invited Celebs To Her Music Video

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By now you should’ve seen Taylor Swift’s music video for her new single You Need To Calm Down and spotted ALL of the celeb cameos.

The big question is: how did she get so many famous people in the same video!?

Well, because she is Taylor Swift, she sent handwritten invitations to each person individually!

The video’s executive producer/incredible performer Todrick Hall revealed on his YouTube channel that Taylor wrote him a letter asking him to feature in the project, and we love her even more now.

Adam Lambert, who also stars in the music video, recently told Smallzy that he was also sent a note from Taylor before running into her at The Ellen Show and filming his scene.

So mysterious!

Adam Lambert is officially the king of cameos after also appearing in the 2018 film Bohemian Rhapsody.

He told Smallzy all about his relationship with the real-life band, working on the film and how his scene might not be what it seems…

Can you believe it’s almost been 10 years since Adam was on American Idol?

In a game of ‘Real Talk’ with Smallzy, Adam got deep about Hollywood, celebrity lifestyle and fame in 2019.

Written By Lachlan Guertin

“I’m building on what she created.”

“I will not be defined by what I’ve gone through.”

Honestly, same.