George Ezra is calling out the concert creeps

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He can see EVERYTHING from the stage

He’s wrapping us his 2019 Australian tour, but before leaving the country, Smallzy went backstage at George Ezra’s Sydney concert to chat to the man himself.

And he sure had a lot to say about tour life!

You’ve probably always wondered just how much of the crowd the artist can see from the stage, and according to George, it’s a lot.

He can even spot the creeps in the crowd, and isn’t afraid to call them out!

His new single is ‘Hold My Girl’, and George says that at every show he can see people in the audience ‘holding their girl’ during that song.

Can we blame them?

As for George’s dressing room - he’s a simple man.

Fruit and water are a must on his tour rider, but what about quirky items like a framed photo of David Hasselhoff?

Written By Lachlan Guertin

“Sign me up!”

“There’s a lot of history behind that song.”

“I’ve [run] through this question seven bajillion times.”