The Chainsmokers Reveal That They Almost Performed At Fyre Festival…

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While in Australia to perform at Ultra Music Festival, The Chainsmokers chatted to Smallzy about a different event that infamously never happened, and how they almost got involved.

Yep, Fyre Festival.

The Chainsmokers admitted that the festival’s marketing was so good that they asked their manager if they could get invited. 

Lucky they didn't!

While discussing the notorious festival, Alex and Drew shared a story about a cruise they performed on which was very “Fyre Festival-esque”.

Apparently Tyga’s team beat up a member of the electronic music group Cash Cash. Wow.

The terrible festivals don’t stop there!

The duo have performed all over the world, but their time in Russia sounds pretty awful.

Let’s hope they have a better time in Australia!

Of course, the boys have just released their new single Who Do You Love featuring our very own Aussie group 5SOS - and we are LOVING it right now.

It might seem like a random collaboration, but apparently the two groups matched together perfectly.

In fact, Wikipedia helped them all become friends.

A joint tour was recently announced for The Chainsmokers and 5SOS in the US, but don’t feel left out Aussie fans! It seems like the groups have already started thinking about an Australian tour...

The last time The Chainsmokers were in Australia, Smallzy asked them a series of questions including ‘what is the weirdest thing that has been thrown on stage’.

Their answer? A ham sandwich.

Well, since then it’s gotten a lot worse…

Written By Lachlan Guertin

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